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I like to cook.
I like to eat.
I like to travel.

The Spoon Whisperer Newsletter.

Regular updates with cooking tips, recipes (mine and favorites from others), restaurants (To-Go for now), travel (someday) and other inspirations for food, drink, and experience.

The Spoon Whisperer Experience.

Join me live for a virtual cooking experience - each with a complete menu. I will provide you with a list of easy to find ingredients and the equipment you will need. We’ll get together virtually, and I will lead you through making an easy and delicious multi-course meal!

The Spoon Whisperer Experience - Private Event.

Private Cooking Experience - for your family, friends, organization, or company event.

The Spoon Whisperer Pop-Up.

When it is safe to do so - come over for a private dinner - either one of the Cooking Club menus, or a custom one.

About The Spoon Whisperer.

Hi - I’m Ross Wirth - a home cook who is also a foodie, traveler, architecture nerd, and gadget lover.

I’ve been cooking at home for as long as I can remember - as a kid I remember attending a local cooking class where I learned to make an English muffin pizza. In middle or high school I remember making dinner for the family - fried (egg) noodles or broccoli parmesan spaghetti - and I still make a simple citrus chicken I learned around that time. I have fond memories of making pasta from scratch with my mom. I learned from the likes of Food Network, Hello Fresh, and Plated. Recently I’ve learned a lot from food YouTube.

My offer to host a pandemic virtual Italian cooking class led to a dry run with friends. Their raving led to a cooking class for families who couldn’t get together over the holidays - and a side hustle was born.

Why “The Spoon Whisperer”? The Spoon Whisperer represents ultimate hospitality and the experience of making someone feel at home when they are enjoying a comforting meal with you. Specifically, it’s the nickname I coined on the first visit to my favorite Chicago restaurant @Smyth. The service was perfect - so perfect - in fact that the woman bringing silverware recognized I ate with my left hand and started placing my spoons on the left - The Spoon Whisperer. I use it here to represent the hospitality I share with you!

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